Work Experiences

I have worked as a Geologist in several companies and also joined several projects related to Exploration Geology

I’m Ghozian islam karami

My undergraduate research, assisted with environment geology laboratory, in Salak Mountain area was done in 2013. Because of my interest in environmental geology especially, I decided to choose hydrogeology modeling as my concern, especially aquifer geometry. I cultivated geophysics data with geostatistic software to produce aquifer model.

Graduated in December 2013, I was unfortunate to straightaway get a job. Six months after I graduated, I still don’t have any job. Nevertheless, I still got income from my little business. With my entrepreneur capability, I opened an online store for selling photography and mobile phone accessories called the Karami Store. After that, I also worked as a photographer for an e-commerce company. I learned that work does not have to conform with the passion, just do what you could and capable of.  After struggled in tough years, finally in 2015 I returned to work as a geologist in marine exploration consultant firm for 3 months.

In 2015-2017 I worked in a private company that focuses on tin offshore exploration in Bangka Belitung Island, Indonesia. My job as a geologist and also supervisor has created analysis from boreholes and seismic data including 3D modeling, cross-section correlation, grain analysis and anything that can complement the exploration report.  Previously I also had a stake to retrieve data that is precisely in the field.

Work experiences

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My Skills

I loved traveling, mountaineering, and photography, hence at college years I participated in the organization of nature lovers and photography community. I am convinced my hobbies can support my work as a geologist which claimed to have physically and mentally strong and also need to be creative sometimes. I also participated in an Islamic organization.

Arc GIS and Mapinfo are softwares that needed for creating a geological map,

Rockware and surfer are softwares that needed for creating geological modelling and geological interpretation


  • Arc GIS
  • Rockware
  • Mapinfo
  • Surfer